Alternating Pressure Mattresses

ALTERNATING PRESSURE MATTRESSAlternating pressure mattresses work on a simple, but ingenious principle.

The mattress is composed of several air cells, or bladders. These cells inflate and deflate on a timed schedule, thereby alternating where pressure points occur on the body.

When the cell under the patient deflates, that body part is relieved of any pressure, allowing for increased blood flow. The pressure is transferred to the parts of the body resting on inflated cells. As the cycle of inflation and deflation is carried out, no body part experiences too much pressure for too long.

Relieving that pressure is the key to treating and preventing pressure ulcers, or bedsores. With regular “breaks” from the natural pressure that gravity exerts on the body, the skin has a chance to breathe, blood has a chance to flow, and pressure ulcers are avoided.

Select from our complete product line of alternating pressure, low air loss, and medical mattress systems. All of our alternating pressure mattresses are designed to heal and prevent up to Stage 4 pressure ulcers.Each alternating pressure mattress we sell is Medicare-approved and coded.

Need help deciding which mattress to choose? We’re here to help.

Our most popular alternating mattresses for all stages is the PM8080 Air Mattress and 8000 Series Medical Mattress Systems. These alternating low air loss mattresses treat all stages of bedsore, and will remain inflated in the event of power outages.

For patients over 350 lbs, our bariatric alternating pressure mattress systems are designed to support all sizes comfortably.

True Low air loss mattress are designed for maximum comfort and breathability.

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