Alternating Pressure Pad System for home care

Alternating pressure pad and pump overlay

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This Med Aire standard alternating pressure pad system includes the pump and the mattress and offers pressure relief. It operates using a variable pressure setting allowing you to adjust the firmness and softness of the mattress pad. The quiet pump inflates and deflates 130 individual bubble cells helping to prevent decubitus ulcers and pressure sores.

The alternating pressure pad fits nicely over an existing bed or mattress and is used as a preventative for bedsores. This alternating pressure pad system (app pad) has also been used over reclining chairs to offer pressure reduction therapy to patients who enjoy sitting upright.

Perfect solution for home health care bed sore prevention.

Alternating pad and pump included.

Replacement pumps and pads available too.

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Medicare Code E0181
Quiet pump technology alternately inflates and deflates the pads air cells.
Pump produces 4 LPM air flow.
5 minute cycle time.
Variable Pressure setting
Bubble pad design provides superior therapeutic treatment.
Built in bracket for mounting easily to bed.
Pad is made of long lasting durable heavy gauge premium vinyl.
Pad size 78" x 34"
Height of inflated cell 21/2"
130 individual bubble cells for maximum effectiveness.
300 lb. Weight Capacity.
90 day Warranty on mattress.
1 Year Warranty on the pump.