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Pressure Relief Wedge

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Positioning Wedge is used to comfortably reposition immobile patients. By reducing pressure on vulnerable areas, it assists with the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. The wedge is designed with a 30-degree lateral incline to help with proper positioning and to relieve pressure on the hip bone and coccyx. The high- performance breathable stretch nylon cover, designed for pressure relief and comfort, cover is fluid-proof, anti-microbial and soft to the touch.

Recommended incline angle of 30 helps relieve pressure on hip bone and coccyx
High-density polyurethane foam construction
Breathable stretch nylon cover reduces shearing
Non-skid bottom prevents sliding
1 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

Positioning Wedge 7x12x18

Positioning Wedge 7x12x24

Positioning Wedge 7x12x34