Hospital Rail Guard  (Pair)

Rail Guard for Hospital Bed

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This patient rail guard fills in the gap along the sides of a hospital mattress protecting the patient from sliding into open gaps in a hospital bed. Available in side rails or full lengths. Ideal for smaller patients at risk of entrapment. Ideal for added patient safety.

Gap Fillers are custom-made in USA to fit any gap and protect the resident from bed entrapment. They are ideal for mitigating the danger of entrapment in Zones 3 and 7. By closing the gaps around the perimeter of the mattress, the risk of entrapment of the head, neck, chest or limbs that may occur at the headboard, footboard and rails is eliminated.

Prevent patient entrapment along the side of the mattress

Fill the gap between the mattress and the rail

Double as a side rail gap filler and a patient positioning device

Attaches securely to the rail with buckles

Fits Any Hospital Bed

Makes any hospital bed rail safer and more comfortable

Fills the gaps between the mattress and headboard / footboard / side rails

Help prevent head, neck, chest and limb entrapment in Zones 3 and 7

Easy-to-clean vinyl cover

Meets fire rating CA #117

1 Year Non-Prorated Warranty