Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress
Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress

Adjustable Air - Foam Pressure Relief Mattress Stage 4

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Pump-free, reactive, self-adjusting: this is the next level of long-term care.

Ideal for low, moderate, or high-risk patients with Stages 1 through 4 bedsores, this mattress provides the utmost support and comfort without a conventional air pump.

This premium alternative to alternating pressure mattresses uses four lateral air cylinders, each contained in a foam cavity. These air cylinders can be manually adjusted using specialized valves to release or intake air. Alternatively, these valves can be left open, allowing the mattress to "breathe" and reactively adjust to patient weight and movement.

Above the air cylinders are two layers of foam. The lower level is high-density, supportive foam, while the top layer is a premium memory foam, tapered at the foot end to offset pressure on the sensitive heel area.

This mattress provides the best possible weight and pressure redistribution for patients with long-term confinement to bed. For maximum protection against bedsores, this is the platinum standard.

This reactive hospital bed mattress has been used to replace alternating mattresses without the risk of "bottoming out" in the center.

The self adjusting air cells offer two types of pressure relief therapy. If the air cells inside the mattress appear to firm for the patient you can open the valve at the foot end of the mattress to allow a slow evacuation of air. Once the desired level of comfort is achieved the valve can be closed to convert the mattress to a static mattress.

The caretaker can easily recalibrate the mattress by opening the valve and the ambient air will return into the air cells. After a few minutes air will equalize and return into the mattress. Close the valve and and the air will remain within the system.If the valve is left open, the self adjusting mattress will operate as an open "reactive" system with air going in and out based on patient movement and will function as a therapeutic foam mattress. This allows the patient to immerse into the mattress to offset painful pressure points in a long term care setting.
High density foam perimeter provides firm edge support and facilitates safe patient transfers.

Heel slope redistributes pressure away from vulnerable heels

Self-adjustment can be open cell or closed cell to meet individual needs

Self-Adjusting air cells recognize body weight and pressure and adjust to reduce interface pressure and improve patient comfort.

Four non-circular cylinders prevent "rolling" or "gapping"

Removable 4 way stretch PU cover is fluid resistant, low shear and vapor permeable helping protect the skin from friction and moisture

Arrives patient ready; easy to deliver, set up and transport

Foam and cover are antimicrobial, antifungal, and latex free Meets flammability standards CFR1632 and CRF1633

35" (W) x 80" (L) x 6.5" (H)

Weight Capacity 350 lbs
Cover Material Urethane Knit Multi-stretch Top, Vinyl Bottom

Warranty 5 Year Mattress, 3 Year Cover