Alternating Pressure System with Gel mattress

Alternating Pressure System with Gel mattress

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The Alternating Pressure System combines a gel mattress support surface along with a deluxe adjustable pressure pad system for maximum pressure relief and healing benefits. The gel mattress provides an extra layer of protection when the pad is used in an elevated position. The gel mattress is also there to prevent the patient from bottoming out in the event of power failure. Ideal for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers for high risk patients.


1 - Alternating pressure pad and pump

1- Gel Mattress

Designed for standard medical bed frame or twin box spring.

Heals and prevents stage 1-2 Bed sores

Pump - adjustable to increase the firmness and softness of the pad system

Size 34X78"

Air mattress thickness 2.5"

Gel Mattress thickness 3"