Pressure Ulcer Treatment Stage 3

Pressure Ulcer Stage 3 This section is dedicated to showing the most popular alternating pressure mattresses to heal and prevent up to stage 3 bed sores. These medical air mattresses are designed for prevention, pressure relief, and healing. These alternating pressure mattresses incorporate low air loss therapy and are most popular in hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapy centers, and home health care.

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Pressure Ulcer Staging Products (Stage 3 Bed Sores)
Long Term Care 6000 Alternating Pressure Low Air System
Regular price:$1,350.00
Sale price:$745.00
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A2 Alternating Pressure Mattress and Pump System
Regular price:$1,500.00
Sale price:$799.00
Adjustable Cycle Alternating Pressure Low Air Mattress
Regular price:$2,450.00
Sale price:$899.00
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