A2 Alternating Pressure Mattress and Pump System
A2 Alternating Pressure Mattress and Pump SystemA2 Alternating Pressure Mattress and Pump System

A2 Alternating Pressure Mattress 400lb Weight Capacity

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The A2 home care alternating pressure mattress designed to relieve pressure while preventing and healing bed sores. This alternating pressure mattress is designed with the same features offered in more expensive hospital mattress systems and supports up to 400 lbs

Ideal for home care the air mattress is designed to treat and prevent painful pressure sores (bed sores) It easily fits over a standard medical bed frame and is more cost effective than most hospital air mattress systems. The adjustable pump allows the patient to increase the firmness and softness of the air mattress for maximum comfort.

The low air loss feature keeps the patient from sweating while the alternating pressure treats and heals difficult bed sores. A static float feature is built in to assist the patient as they transfer in and out of bed. The static float prevents the air mattress from alternating and sets the mattress at a maximum firmness to offer support when entering and exiting the bed.

The 400 lbs weight capacity offers 30% more than most standard alternating pressure mattresses. A visual and audible low pressure alarm is built into the pump to notify the patient if there is a drop in air pressure.

Twin size pressure prevention mattress size is 36" Width X 80" Length X 8" full mattress replacement system. *Includes mattress, pump, and cover

12 Month Warranty on Pump and Air Mattress

Designed for home care use to heal and prevent stage 1-3 bedsores.
•Includes air mattress, pump, and cover
•400 lb weight capacity
•Alternating pressure therapy to heal bed sores
•Low air loss therapy
•Static float feature
•Low pressure alarm
•customized therapy
•easy to clean
•Zipper 4 way stretch cover
•Medicare code E0277

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