Alternating Pressure Pads

Alternating Pressure Pad and Pumps

Alternating Pressure Overlays or Alternating Pressure Pads

These air mattresses are the first line of defense in treating or preventing pressure sores.

Alternating Pressure Pad (APP or “Bubble Pad”) systems are used to prevent stage 1 bedsores. APP’s use 130 bubble cells that alternately inflate and deflate, available in fixed or variable pressure models. Fixed pressure models adjust the pressure setting to the same firmness each time, while variable pressure models can be adjusted to increase or decrease the mattress firmness according to patient comfort.

The alternating pressure overlays are most commonly used with:

twin size home care mattress
hospital mattresses
hospital beds that contain a foam or innerspring mattress

All APP systems include the mattress, pump, and 100% free shipping.
Alternating Pressure Pad System for home care
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Deluxe Alternating Pad and Pump with end flaps
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1500 Deluxe Alternating Pressure Pad System
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Alternating Pressure Pad
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