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Questions about a product? Please feel free to call our customer service department for any questions about operating a product, care , or additional information.


Warranty Information

If your mattress is under warranty and is not working properly, please call us toll free 1-800-437-8809 and speak with a customer service agent to discuss options.

The customer service agent will assist and may have a technician call you back to see if problem can be resolved via phone.

If problem is not resolvable and unit needs to be repaired or replaced the following steps will be followed.

1.) Alternatingpressuremattress.com will issue a call tag for the mattress to be picked up for repair and returned. An RA# must be issued and printed on outside of return in order to be valid. If mattress is not able to be repaired a new mattress will be issued.

2.) If patient needs to be on a bed 24 hrs and cannot be without a mattress, we can send an advance replacement to put patient on while mattress is being serviced. However we need to obtain credit card information from purchaser to ensure advance replacement is sent back to us once newly repaired mattress is received. No charges will be made unless advance replacement is NOT received back within a 10 day window of repaired mattress receipt.

3) If a product is deemed defective by the manufacturer then a new replacement will be shipped free of charge.