8000 Series Alternating Pressure Mattress System
8000 Series Alternating Pressure Mattress System8000 Series Alternating Pressure Mattress System

8000 Alternating Pressure Mattress 8"

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The 8000 is one of the most advanced systems in the series. The microprocessor pressure sensor technology provides smart pressure auto-checking feature to maximize patient's comfort while healing and preventing up to stage 4 bed sores.

This medical air mattress, which offers a low air loss and alternating pressure therapy, is consisted of 8 inches high cell-in-cell designed air bladders. The low air loss feature helps to keep the patient cool and dry. This keeps the patient from sweating and prevents skin breakdown.

The alternating pressure therapy provides exceptional pressure relief, patient comfort, skin protection and healing. Ideal for advanced healing of bed sores or prevention of decubitus ulcers.

The patented cell-in-cell design allows the inflation and deflation of air cells to be achieved in the shortest amount of time while providing the good pressure dispersion. The inner cell also offers a sufficient weight support during a power failure.

Mattress will remain inflated for up to 24 hours in the event of a power outage.

For ease of care taking, the mattress can be easily changed back to flat surface (static mode) within a very short period of time.

*Eliminate having to turn the patient at night.