Gel Cushions for Pressure Relief

Gel cushions are are the first line of defense in preventing pressure ulcers, most commonly used for basic to moderate skin care and prevention.

Our cushions are designed for maximum comfort and support, fitting easily over a wheelchair or other seating surface. These cushions redirect pressure, disbursing it to a wider surface area.

All gel cushions come with a low-shear cover that protects skin abrasions, allowing easier transfer. The cover is fluid proof and easily cleaned with soap and water.
Wheelchair Gel Cushion 2"
Regular price:$75.00
Sale price:$49.99
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Gel Cushion for Pressure Sores
Regular price:$89.99
Sale price:$55.00
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Bariatric Cushion
Regular price:$145.00
Sale price:$65.00
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Seating and Positioning Cooling Gel Cushion
Regular price:$165.00
Sale price:$75.00
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Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion
Regular price:$150.00
Sale price:$80.00
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Bariatric Seating and Positioning Cushion
Regular price:$160.00
Sale price:$85.00
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