This Gel Mattress Overlay is the First Step for the Prevention and Care of Patients at Risk of Decubitus Pressure Ulcers

GEL MATTRESS OVERLAYOur Gel mattress overlays offers optimal wound care protection in helping prevent the development of pressure ulcers. The gel mattress combines both foam and gel in a one piece assembly. The inner core is made up of six sectioned foam in gel bladders. The six sectional design prevents pooling in the lumbar area. The mattress topper is soft convoluted foam laminated to a durable foam shell. The cover is washable and includes four elastic corner straps that secure the overlay to the mattress. Calculate sizes WIDTH X LENGTH X DEPTH

Gel Mattresses can be used under Alternating Pressure mattreses and pad systems for extra protection. Bariatric Full size and Queen Size Gel Mattresses are available
Gel Overlay Mattress
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Gel Mattress
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Premium Air Guard Gel Overlay Mattress
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Bariatric Gel Mattress Full Size  42"X78"X4"
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Queen Size Gel Mattress for Bedsore Prevention 48X78"
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Queen Size Mattress Overlay 54 X78"
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