LS300 Pressure Relief Air Mattress
LS300 Pressure Relief Air MattressLS300 Pressure Relief Air MattressLS300 Pressure Relief Air MattressLS300 Pressure Relief Air MattressLS300 Pressure Relief Air Mattress

LS300 Pressure Relief Air Mattress

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The L300 Low Air and Alternating Pressure System uses low air loss combined with alternating pressure therapy to manage and treat pressure sores.

The 2:1 pressure relief therapy features a layer of static air cells and alternating air cells that divide the mattress between an upper and lower area. The lower area provides constant static support while the upper area alternates in pressure. This way, 1/2 the body receives pressure relief at all times, as the other side is supported.

The pump is user friendly and allows the caretaker to adjust the firmness and softness of the mattress to one of five customized pressure levels. It includes the ability to change and adjust the mattress cycle times from 10 minute, 15 minute, or 20 minute alternating cycles. The adjustable cycle stimulates blood flow at various intervals, to maximize pressure relief and manage pain. This alternating pressure mattress is designed for treatment and prevention healing up to stage 3 bed sores.

Size: 36" x 80" x 8"

Key Points:

Alternating Pressure Therapy heals bed sores stage 1-3

Low air Cells to manage heat and moisture on the skin

450 lbs weight capacity.

Fits easily over a standard hospital bed frame.

Static Float Mode to help the patient safely transfer in and out of bed.

Low Pressure Alarm
• Alternation time can be adjusted from 10, 15 and 20 minutes. In addition, the caregiver can select the “Static Function” stopping the alternating function and providing only low air loss therapy
• 5 Comfort Settings plus an Auto Firm feature
• Low Pressure failures will produce an audio alarm for added safety. The alarm can be temporarily muted by pushing the front panel ALARM RESET Button, resetting the alarm for 20 min
• The foot board mounting hanger provides convenient placement on the bed
• Quick Release CPR Valve
• Fully Zippered Quilted Cover
• Weight Capacity: 450 lb Evenly Distributed
• Size: 36" x 80" x 8"