Long Term Care: Premium Mattresses

Long Term Care Hospital Mattress Our long-term hospital mattresses are ideal for the most vulnerable and high-risk patients, offering premium support and comfort with specialized technology.

These mattresses are designed to give the maximum possible pressure relief, utilizing multi-density foam layers for superior weight redistribution.

Each has sturdier, more firm perimeter construction, with optional raised bolsters. Each comes with a fluid-resistant, anti-microbial top cover and vinyl bottom cover. Designed to meet Medicare HCPCS code E0184, these mattresses provide the ultimate relief for long-term incapacity.
Platinum Pressure Relief Mattress
Regular price:$550.00
Sale price:$340.00
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Cooling Gel Pressure Relief Mattress
Regular price:$750.00
Sale price:$375.00
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Adjustable Stage 4 Hospital Mattress
Regular price:$1,950.00
Sale price:$974.00