Alternating Pressure Overlays

Alternating Pressure OverlaysAlternating Pressure Overlays

Alternating pressure overlays are a more cost effective alternative to alternating pressure or low air loss mattresses, ideal for short term care. Overlays (as the name suggests) fit over your existing mattress. They are lightweight, portable, and cost significantly less than entire new mattresses.

Like alternating pressure mattresses, alternating pressure overlays utilize air cells or bladders that inflate and deflate to relieve pressure on the body. Some models also offer low air loss technology, which uses steady airflow to reduce heat, moisture and friction on the skin.
Med Air Alternating Pressure overlay with Low air loss
Regular price:$1,170.00
Sale price:$450.99
Regular price:$999.95
Sale price:$550.00
Supra Alternating pressure overlay
Regular price:$950.00
Sale price:$550.00
Alternating Pressure System with Gel mattress
Regular price:$500.00
Sale price:$295.00