Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat happens if there is power failure? Will the mattress system still work?

This depends on the mattress.

Some of our mattress systems have the patented cell-in-cell design. This means the inner cells will stay inflated for at least 24 hrs when there is no electricity.

Other mattress systems have 2 layers of air cells, with the bottom acting as a failsafe.

Our other systems have a pocket at the mattress base in which to insert a foam cushion.

Our product descriptions include power-failure information, so be sure to review this information when deciding which mattress to purchase.

How do I know if the pressure (comfort) setting of the mattress is suitable for my weight?

If the mattress bottoms out, the pressure setting is inadequate. Bottoming-out can be checked by sliding one hand between the deflated air cell and directly under the patient. Users should be able to feel minimal contact. If there is an incident of bottoming-out, simply adjust the pressure range a little higher.

Is the mattress cover safe to my patient?

All of our mattress covers have passed the bio-compatibility test of ISO-10993-5. These covers are also fire retardant. They have passed the flammability test of Cal TB116/117. However, most patients use a sheet on top of the mattress for added comfort, which may not meet these standards.

How do I clean the mattress and pump?

For the pump, wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent and keep it away from dust. For the mattress, clean the cover and air cells by using sodium hypochlorite diluted in warm water, and air dry thoroughly before use.

Why is there no air produced from some air outlets of the air tube?

This will depend on the kind of system you're using. Some systems are alternating therapy products, meaning air alternates between each outlet. Wait for the complete cycle of the alternating phase to see if the tube is functioning properly.

Other systems are low-air-loss (static) therapy products. There should be a steady airflow coming out of these air outlets until the system reaches its preset pressure level. Check for any kinked air hoses.

What should I do if the mattress’s low air alarm keeps coming up?

There may be a low-pressure situation. Check to see if the air hose connection between pump and mattress is tightly secured, the CPR valve is sealed, and there is no leakage on air cells or the air hose connection.

The head portion of my mattress is flat. What do I do?

a) Check all of the CPR tags before calling for service. There are a total of 4 plugs at the head of the mattress. If any of the 4 plugs come loose, the mattress could lose air pressure. The CPR tag is there to quicky deflate the medical air mattress or to inflate the mattress quickly with a hand pump.

b) You may need to place pressure on the air cells during the initial inflation to force air into the head portion of the medical air mattress. The tubes can sometimes become compressed in shipping, and pressure can help the air to circulate throughout the mattress

c) Inspect each air cell to make sure one has not come disconnected. If an air cell is loose or disconnected simply reconnect the air cell to the hose. It should snap back into place, allowing the mattress to establish air pressure.

How long does the mattress take to inflate?

If you are using the pump the mattress comes with, it could take between 20-45 minutes to inflate the mattress initially. Please keep in mind the pump is designed to be whisper quiet, so there is not a quick surge of air pressure during the initial inflation. To speed up the inflation process, you can inflate the mattress with a hand pump through the ports of the CPR tag at the head of the air mattress.

What if I accidentally puncture my mattress?

Luckily, most of our mattress systems are designed with interchangeable air cells. That means each air cell can be taken out individually and replaced with a new one if needed

What if a mattress is defective?

If you product is defective, please call or email us right away. Call 1-800-725-9230 or email us at will send you a prepaid UPS tag. You can call UPS at 1-800-725-9230 for pick up. You will not have to pay for a return of defective merchandise. We will then ship out a replacement via UPS, so you will never be without a product while we determine if the item can be repaired under the mattress warranty.

What if I do not like the item?

In order to receive credit for your purchase, the item must be returned unopened within 5days from the date you received the item (subject to a 20% restock fee). Alternating pressure mattresses cannot be returned due to state and federal law. This is to protect customers from various skin diseases or staph infections.

Gel products and wheelchair cushions can be returned if shipped within 5 days from receipt.

It is the responsibility of the customer to return the item to us. Please make sure you keep a record of the tracking number when the product is returned.

The product must be returned unused in its original packaging. Products that are used will void the warranty and cannot be sold to other customers.

Mattresses that are used or out of the original packaging cannot be returned due to health code violations. This protects our patients from skin conditions and disease. All of our customer receive brand new unused products.