Pressure Ulcer Treatment Stage 1 Products

Pressure Ulcer Stage 1 Select from a variety of support surfaces for pressure ulcer stage 1 treatment. Items in this section are most commonly used for the prevention and treatment of stage 1 bedsores.

Many of the items in this section are the first line of defense in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Free fast shipping usually delivers in 2-3 business days.

Pressure Ulcer Staging Products (Stage 1 Bed Sores)

Alternating Pressure Pad and Pumps
Alternating Pressure Overlays
Gel Mattress Overlay
Static Air Mattress Overlay --Deluxe
Regular price:$150.00
Sale price:$89.00
Alternating Pressure Pad System for home care
Regular price:$250.00
Sale price:$99.00
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1500 Deluxe Alternating Pressure Pad System
Regular price:$300.00
Sale price:$120.00
Gel Overlay Mattress
Regular price:$350.00
Sale price:$199.00
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Regular price:$450.00
Sale price:$250.00
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REMEDY Skin Repair Cream case of 24
Regular price:$150.00
Sale price:$125.00