Ultra Sorb Premium Dry Air Pads 70 / CS
Ultra Sorb Premium Dry Air Pads 70 / CSUltra Sorb Premium Dry Air Pads 70 / CS

Ultra Sorb Pad for alternating pressure mattress

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rotect the resident, not just the bedding

* The advanced SuperCore® thermo-bonded core wicks moisture away from the skin and locks fluid away for increased dignity, superior odor control and better skin care. * Ultrasorbs AP are super absorbent – one pad has the absorbing power of three or more standard underpads. * The extra-strong pad and film provide exceptional resistance to tearing and resulting linen changes.

Indications for Use

* Open airing/incontinence management * ICU/CCU patients who should not be disrupted/moved more than necessary * ER for absorbing significant/ongoing fluid loss * Labor and delivery * OR use * Any other area where skin dryness is needed