What is an alternating pressure mattress and why are they used?

What Is An Alternating Pressure MattressWhat Is An Alternating pressure mattress? Alternating pressure mattresses are comprised of individual air cells that slowly inflate and deflate under the patient. The alternating or inflation / deflation of cells allows blood flow to reach all areas of the patients body to heal and prevent bed sores.

Alternating pressure is defined as pressure redistribution. It includes various changes in cycles when the air cells will load and unload pressure to the body. Alternating Pressure is a strongly recommended feature in therapeutic support surfaces.

When an at-risk or ulcerated patients cannot be repositioned manually alternating pressure is needed. The air cells can change pressure distribution, making sure blood is getting to the skin. Frequent cycle times is beneficial for load-distribution and blood flow. Extended cycles can be beneficial for pain management and advanced healing.

Why Do I Need An Alternating Pressure Mattress?

Patients need alternating support surfaces to help get blood to the skin.

This is critical when a patient is sitting or lying down and cannot move much.

The skin can breakdown without adequate blood flow, oxygen or nutrients.

Support surfaces come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, makes and models, with dozens of different "bells and whistles". They are all designed for bedsore prevention and healing.